5 Things to Never Hang on Your Wall

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No matter if you are into dark wall colors like black, industrial themes with all metal and wood fixtures, or perhaps prefer vibrant pops of colors; there are 5 things you should never hang on your wall.

1. The old superhero poster thumbtacked to your bedroom wall with its edges curling, does not belong there anymore. It’s time to graduate from unframed movie poster and pin-ups. 

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2. Your to-do lists and colorful post-its all over your wall are not art. The art you choose to deck your wall with should reflect your on-point taste and eye for the nuances that impress your guest and reaffirm your own self value.

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3. Unframed pictures of you with your parents carelessly taped to your bedroom wall are not sexy. And if you’re still struggling to let go of that family portrait you think would go perfectly up on your wall, put yourself in her shoes for a moment and imagine how much more impact a tasteful work of art would render instead. Now you’re getting it.

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4. Empty walls. An empty wall just screams boring and we know you are far from boring. If you are tired of being greeted by blank walls each evening when you come home, there are a variety of ways to outfit your wall in style, substance and even utilitarian value. So, don’t be shy when it comes to your wall art.

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5. The wall art you found in your grandma’s basement might send the wrong message about the person you are. You should live in a space that look and feel like you. So, choose something that speaks to you and you will never regret hanging it in your home.

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If you are a man with a plan, then don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. What is ultimately important is that all the elements in your room work in conjunction with one another. After all, you’re a cultured, worldly guy with good taste. That should be reflected in your space.

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